Hello, I'm Christian Colon



I was born in Bethlehem and raised in a Puerto Rican home on the south side of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Our family lived on the lower end of the socio-economic ladder. I remember my family went through hard seasons in life. However, they were hard working individuals and did their best to make the American Dream a reality for their children. I have an older brother and a younger brother. We all grew up playing football and I remember fondly signing up for my first CYO team at St. Cyril's. Yosko park summers consisted of the pool and basketball with Boy's Club lunches.

My grandparents were also regulars at the local Spanish Counsel, now the Hispanic Center on Fourth. I went to Broughal Middle School, and then Bethlehem Catholic High school. I went to East Stroudsburg University. for Political Science and football. However, it took until 2016 to graduate. In that time I worked to finish my college education, while solidifying my faith attending my local church. I was accepted to Pitt Law and graduated this past May. I passed the bar exam in October and I am now running for District Magistrate Judge on the Southside where I grew up.



I, Christian Colon, Esq., am running for the position of District Magistrate Judge, 03-2-10. I do not take this decision lightly or without thought. In fact, I know this judgeship represents legacy in this community. Judge Nancy Matos-Gonzalez, our sitting judge in the district is a stalwart beacon in the community, not only for Latinos, but as a true model of a great adjudicator. She became not only the first Latinx judge for the area, but for the entire Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. It is important that her legacy continues, and I will aspire and work to maintain the precedence that she has set by being the next Latino judge in the Southside District of Bethlehem.

As an attorney, my education coupled with my up bringing on the Southside provides a unique perspective that elevates me above all other candidates in the race. Prior to my legal carer, I have worked for years as a blue collar worker and understand the composition of a former steel town. As a Puerto Rican, I understand the diverse uniqueness of the Southside. Every person in my court room will receive respect, impartiality, and fairness. My courtroom will be run with the utmost professionalism, expertise, and due diligence. As a Spanish-speaker, my bilingual courtroom will also strive to have other languages represented. I will be the best representative from the community and for the community. My name is Christian Colon, and I am asking for your vote in 2021 for District Magistrate Judge, 03-2-10.